Maine Is Four Season Outdoor Living, Down To Earth People.
Explore, Discover, Sample Some Of All Maine Has To Offer.

You know the joke about an out of stater lost along the coast of Maine asking a local how do you get to (fill in, pick the ME location).

And after a long pause, dead pan expression, the guy in the overalls, piece of hay dangling out of the side of his mouth drawls after much thought “Chummy, you can not get there from HERE-ahhh”.

For someone on a cruise ship parked off the Maine coast for a night or maybe only a few hours to come ashore, pick up some knick knacks, a t-shirt and tender back to the big boat before it leaves harbor, this coastal experience may be all she wrote. And the rest of what is Maine is like is figured, supposed to be more of the same. You need to return for another visit. Many treks to the Maine inland.

Maine is a big state, sixteen counties worth. The people are hardworking, God fearing, family and local community oriented, driven, passionate. Would do anything for you, help you out. But as far as playing games, being highly political and manipulative, Mainers are not. They don’t jerk people around, hold hidden agendas as a rule. What you see is who they are. All the time. Day in, day out.

The life here in Maine is simple. The people however are not. They have their feet on the ground.

Their heads not in the clouds and there is one intense yet peaceful awareness of all the drop dead gorgeous Maine surroundings.

And each and everyone of us taught to respect it, other people’s opinions too. With the same expected in return. A fair trade.

Anthony Boudain’s “No Reservations” globe trotting local food, spirits with a little middle age philosophy wantonly thrown in to make it all well rounded, entertaining did a show on Maine. And in it, the distinction of perceptions depending on where you live in Maine was there in living color.
Backed up by naturally captured audio starting from a Milo resident’s perspective, that the folks in Portland Maine are a little snobbish.

And if you asked folks on that end of the Pine Tree State, depending on the day, you might get a response that those north of Bangor are a little hickish. One quote in the show from a recent transplant from Vermont indicated folks way up north are 200 and 300 years behind the times. Ouch. From an expert who had never been north of where the Maine turnpike stops collecting quarters. Setting travelers loose to speed up the rest of Interstate 95 to where it connects to the Trans Canadian highway in my home town of Houlton Maine.

Come see for yourself, sample the areas, meet all the people. Stay, visit long enough to draw your own conclusions and chew the fat with the locals of Maine. Fill up with local naturally grown, raised food and take in the jaw dropping out of this world scenery. Maine, too pretty not to be shared. The secret is out about Vacationland. Get here quick as you can. Experience our refreshing tell it like it is candor, without the spin, games.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker