Baling Hay In Maine. Hot Summer Play Time.
Hay Balers, Adding Twine, Stacking The Small Square Bales.

What is it like to work, live on a Maine farm? Open house tours on 112 Maine farms happens July 24th through out the sixteen counties of Vacationland.

The 22nd year of celebrating the rural farming in Maine flavor to the public is called “Open Farm Day”.

Maine farming is not just potatoes, blueberries, grains and broccoli. More than dairy and beef. Or a few chickens, small animals with hobby farming level of activity. Here in Maine, farming is sustainable and the owners of these family spreads, properties are passionate about living off the land.

To find out more about “Open House Maine Farm Tours” and to locate the nearest working operation to you, log on to scan the list. Or call 207.287.3871 and learn much more than this Maine blog post provides about getting the down home, up close and personal farm tour with your family, friends.

See real working Maine farms in operation.

You’re invited, expected for the education.

Farming in Maine has become more visible as shoppers for wholesome, close to home grown produce are supporting them with eagerness. Maine’s “Open House” visiting hours are 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Bring the kids, get them exposed to field tours, milking, hay rides, petty zoos, nature trails, plenty of scenery. And maybe some product tasting, sampling too! Maine, one beautiful, rural agricultural state second to none.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker