Small Towns Feel The Loss Of Community Members. Maine Is Like That.
The Fourth Of July, Any Maine Holiday Can Remind You Of Lost Family, Friends, Community Members.

Maine kids are low to the ground, small and below radar for the early portion of their lives.

I myself and in many homes we list and sell as a Maine real estate broker have the same measuring spots. Usually on the door jam to the passage way that leads to the cellar. Many times it is a Maine grandparent who does the recording of height growth.

On the side of many Maine property doorways are free hand pencil and pen line marks with dates. Scribbled in notations below or beside the line drawn that heads vertical up the door jam along with more current accompanying, associated dates.

That board measuring the grand kids, the sons and daughters should go with the Maine real estate seller, owner of the home when they decide to move.

It does not mean as much to the new real estate buyer who will paint over it and start their own height notations of their loved ones in that Maine home.

Future generations that come in to their life bang bang bang, right on time.

This 4th of July you reflect on family. Past, present, future. I am working today on a float for the Houlton Maine parade of our little league team and soap box derby racers. A few years ago I remember seeing, noticing during the candy and real estate hand out of items while pulling the red, white and blue float that there is a husband, daughter on the parade route. Who are watching the parade for the first time without the wife, mother.

She had battled cancer for so long and lost the battle. I remember thinking that must be hard. And maybe they hope the day gets over quickly so they can be busier. Distracted. To not be reminded all day long what is causing the deep heart ache they share deep inside.

It seemed selfish to be enjoying the sunny day or hearing the energy, laughter of the kids on back of the float. Some how wrong or not respectful. But everything was happening right on time. With casual speed, on schedule. Life goes on for others with or without us.

Our local Houlton Maine printer died at 49 and I went to the funeral this week. I think about that family as they struggle through their first holiday without Dan. I will never think of the Van Morrison song In To The Mystic the same either because of the slide show with that song driving home a point. That family, it takes all of us pulling together and trying to make the most of it.

Maine holidays are not all fun and games and remind us of loved ones gone from the present.

But vivid in our memories of traditions that are not quite the same without them.

I think of a lady in the hospital with the neatest, closest daughters who are struggling with set backs, gains in her see saw health teeter totter. That we follow with Facebook updates and pleas for prayers. In small Maine communities, you feel the others pain, joy as they go through it. I don’t think you get that same small town connection in a city.

Here Is A Local Midnight Madness 4th Of July Houlton Maine Video.

Have a great, happy Fourth of July. Remember it is not just grilling and chilling. Sun and fun. More than BBQ food, home made potato salad, icre cream, Maine seafood, watermelon and red, white and blue celebrations. It is about independence, veterans, sacrifices and freedoms we are so lucky to enjoy in this country!

I’mMaine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker