Nothing Stronger Than The Heart Of A Local Maine Community Volunteer.
Maine, We Love A 4th Of July Parade.

Unlike Maine, in the hurry scurry of some urban areas where elbow to elbow living is the way of the world, it is easy to forget anyone but number one.

Call it survival, pride, or what it is selfish. Since the begining of time, the notion of don’t forget others has circulated. To be humble and grateful but help others has been a common goal, need. It is always heartening to see others think of their fellow man. Or along the same lines, to put their community first. To give your life purpose by dedicating a major portion of it to the area you live by volunteering. Stepping in where no one is standing to pitch in, improve any way you can.

In my small town of Houlton Maine, there is always something happening in the vibrant local community. All year long folks work on their particular areas of interest. In the spots in the local zip code that they have talent and can lend a helping hand.

There is nothing stronger in the world than the heart of a Maine volunteer. Especially if kids are involved in the event.

This weekend the 4th of July Celebration takes center stage.

But take away the cotton candy, the fireworks and parades, state fair fanfare and think of your day to day. Do you do little things like return a shopping cart to the store it came from as you are finished with it. Or if you see a stray cart rolling around the parking lot.

Do you latch on and squeak squeak roll it back in to the shopping cart corral?

Yes because it is so easy? Or no because you are taking away from the cart rodeo Lariat Sam who’s job it is to collect and serve? For a weekly pay check and you are worried about his job security so just let that cart float around the parking lot in the wind. Or do you check off the “just don’t care” box. And add it all up to a big fat case of plain jane apathy? Such a silly little detail you tisk tisk under your breath. It’s just a cart right?

Have a 737 US Airways pilot who is selling a local Maine lake cottage thru our real estate agency. Neat as a pin, very considerate of others. He was using our office computer to put a small lake boat and motor not included in the sale on Ebay. And as he uploaded the images, added some copy he was talking about his early days in flying silver birds. How the first time he parked the jet and left the cockpit he forgot to pickup his soda bottle, any other litter he had created in front of the in flight movie projector screen. Later in the pilot area of the terminal, pinned to the bulletin board with his name on it was a bag of trash.

Some thoughtful person had collected what he left scattered behind and reconnected, reunited it to him.

One time and never again did he not comb the cockpit. And even set the airplane radio controls for the city of the next pilot’s flight. Buckle the seat belts, tidy up the cabin. Courtesy Sky King and Penny style.

It got me thinking not about local Maine community service and how everyone is involved in it through out the year. But also pondering the little common considerations we can elect to police and provide. Or not. Don’t ruin it for the next guy. Someone thought of you in your day to day routine. Pass it on. It would be a better world if we did. Common courtesy, consideration of others. Start small, make permanent.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker