Maine Lakes, Lots Of Waterfront Properties To Have Serious Fun, Relaxation, Enjoyment On.
Tubing A Maine Lake, Talk About A Work Out With Waterfront G Forces.

Mainers have it made with all this four season outdoor recreational options, the blue and green natural beauty of Vacationland.

When you live in Maine, you are already here, not needing to get away to relax or avoid the crowds. This is the destination for people jammed in a city, worried about crime, putting up with pollution, traffic.

In small Maine towns there is a greater sense of involvement, community. We have to work together and be connected because there are only so many of us dotting the landscape. Alaska has an average one one person per square mile, Maine comes in at eleven for the same mile. But shift it up to say New Jersey with 1000 per the same mile. Yikes. No wonder folks outside Maine are drooling, chomping at the bit to get to Maine.

The trek to Maine on vacations, for rest and relaxation is not just for all the fine things the state offers either.

Sure the clean fish filled water, bluer than blue Maine air and bright explosion of stars in the nightly sky is pretty neat.

So is the abundance of wildlife, flowers and vegetation.

But the long long list of what Maine does not have is the icing on the cake. Leave the taser home.

The keys can stay in your car in Maine and front, side door lock sets not needed, used, fiddled with.

Who knows where those keys are because we don’t lock property home or lake, river camp doors, cars or have to safely secure personal property in the 4th lowest crime state.

Maine, smart grasshoppers invest, retire, relocate and have fun here on vacations. Each and every Maine license plate has a bottom line reading Vacationland. For a reason, get here quick as you can and sample some of ME. Come for a day, stay a life time.
Browse our low cost Maine real estate property listings. Watch, listen to our Maine local community event videos. Aren’t you way way over due for some time in Maine?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker