Boys and girls 8 to 17 from around Maine will be climbing in to soap box derby kit cars this weekend in Houlton Maine for the big state race.

The thrill of the hill, to pick up speed when the gate ramp launch is released, and gravity kicks in. Think it is exciting? If you were a Maine kid, going upwards thirty miles an hour in a car you built with Mom, Dad, Uncle Bob or your neighbor, big brother it is a big deal.

Watch a Maine soap box derby race video from the Houlton Maine 2010 race below.

If you are in the Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County area this weekend, June 18th, plan to watch the race at the top or bottom of Derby Hill in Community Park. This is the 16th annual Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race coming up this weekend. But the twist is for the second year running, this race is the entire state venue. For five years straight, the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race has been the largest in the country for five years running.

It is a thrill to for the racers but for the parents, car sponsors, the entire Maine community gets involved in these races from the grass roots up. I was able to go to Akron Ohio twice for the All American Soap Box Derby race running. A daughter and son won the local Houlton Maine soap box derby race and represented Northern Maine in the All American in Akron Ohio. It was an adventure, memorable sporting family event the entire family will not forget.

Maine, family, community is everything.

The Maine Soap Box Derby Racing program is spirited, competitive, run down hill car racing. Watch the video and follow the program. Sponsor a car, help a youngster build one. Being Mr Good Wrench explaining what an allen screw is, a wheel pin, a lock washer, a plunger brake pad looks like.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker