Not A Premeditated Maine Farm Bike Accident
Houlton Maine Courthouse During Snowstorm

The long driveways at the Maine farm I grew up on are lined with large mature maple trees.

The buildings are set off the road. And one day as a very young boy growing up on that Maine farm I may have lamented that my bike with the training wheels was too slow. Watching my three older brothers ride large bikes very fast around those three driveways had caused the whine to be uttered. Made public.

So one brother decided let’s help the little guy out, with a long rope. Hooked to my handlebars and the seat of the bike he was riding. The intial bike launch went very well. My feet could not keep up with the speed and I just hung on for the driveway down hill staight away. But as my brother suddenly remembered, thought of busy US Rt 2 at the end of the driveway, quick thinking was needed. All those cars, trucks, oncoming traffic made him decide to swerve. Across the lawn, between those large maple shade trees. Rope in tow mode, engaged, fully operational.

His bike made the safe passage across the Maine farm front lawn.

But that long 75 long rope caused quite an angle of entry between those large maple trees for my little bike on the tether.

I tractor beamed right in to a maple, causing both bikes to cease to be in motion. My brother the bike pilot on the other end fetched up, rope tight then suddenly slack as his bike stopped. He topple off over his bike handlebars. The speedometer recording “0” for speed as the dust settled.

My bike got pretty twisted, tangled up, embedded in that farm maple. My face a wall of blood as I got a straight on up close and personal look at that large fixed positioned Maine farm rock maple tree. Mom was summoned. Brought in to the post bike acceleration exercise mayhem. Then I was wisked to my grandmother the nurse trained professional a half mile away on another Maine potato farm. To be tended, cleaned up, made bike riding worthy again. What does not kill you makes you stronger right? An oh scar? Oh sure. Look under my chin for the big cut, skin tear that should have had stitches from that bike land speed record accident. Ah, childhood memories on a Maine farm.

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