The Houlton Maine KHUL Airport Was Very Valuable In World War Two.

Ever been for a ultra light air plane ride? You might think no one is getting me up in a small aluminum tubular toy airplane with some canvas stitched on the wings and powered by a Rotax air cooled snowsled engine.

But you calm down a little when you learn the safety is there. With an easy ultralight plane glide path safety margin, an experienced FAA licensed pilot beside you that wants to walk on land again too.

A local Houlton Maine pilot Gene Ross is in the sky spring, summer and fall over the Southern Aroostook County area.

Slowly buzzing over a little league baseball game, the fourth of July celebration or just drifting by during a sunny weekend afternoon as you putter in your back yard.

My youngest son Elliot bid on a Houlton Maine Rotary Auction ultralight plane ride and won it. And when I took him out to meet Gene and get strapped in, I quickly realized the pilot has safety first in mind always. After the ride, Gene asked me if I wanted to go up. You bet. What an experience.

Climbing slowly but not needing much of Houlton Maine International Airport runway for take off with a plane this small, and well, ultra light. Having to be back on pavement with the plane before sunset. The ultra light built with safety marker navigation lights. And pilot Gene Ross keying the microphone to fire up the KHUL landing strip marker beacons remotely. You do not feel inside a glass and fiberglass bubble with an ultra light plane ride. You are right out in the open. No obstacles in your way to enjoy the view, vista. It’s a quick up and down process at a small Houlton Maine rural airport setting.

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Took some neat aerial images of Houlton Maine like this one that I use in our blog posts, day to day real estate job too. The Houlton Maine community looks so much different from the air.

If you have a chance to be asked want an ultralight plane ride in Maine, anywhere on the revolving blue and green marble, put your right thumb up quickly.

Take the ultralight plane flight. Ride shot gun in to the wild blue yonder for the experience. Without worrying about is your term life insurance policy paid up or not.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker