Locally Grown Close To Home Maine Farm Food Is A Special Situation.

As a kid you spent time on your grandfather, grandmother’s Maine farm summers, thought some day this was going to be for you.

But with the cost of buying that Maine farm, the dream has gotten a little faded. Harder to see, hear on the mental projector playing on the back of the inside of your head.

Luckily, Maine real estate is lower cost all across, around the board. But for buying a Maine farm specific assistance, the ME Department Of Agriculture offers some helpful guidance for those wanting to plant, cultivate and hoe, harvest crops. Or to raise critters. The Maine Farm Link organization also is a portal designed to help maintain the tradition, transfer of the family farm. When there is no family member stepping up to climb on, and jump off the tractor to make hay while the sunshines so to speak.

No one would argue that locally grown close to home Maine farm fresh food is best. Beyond nutritional excellence for your family’s health and what you place on the dinner table each day. But to be a farmer in Maine these days it takes more than a love for the soil, the land and plowing, tilling the good earth. The money, resources to take on the job of running a farm of any size is the big stumbler.

Maine is the 46th lowest for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession affected property sales) but for good reason.

Very conservative loans on homes and even more restrictive, narrow standards that are hurdles tough to clear for the privledge of being a Maine farmer, to own land.

Beginning Maine farm resource information means going back to school for those with a love of the land. Organic Maine farming with no pesticides have trouble with yields to make a profit. And when the economy tightens, the reaching for that organic produce costing more than what is shipped in from farm factories huge spreads stops.

Maine farming has it’s ups and downs because of the weather and markets, neither of which can be controlled. Constant adjustment, more than one income stream from the family farm in Maine is needed. And usually someone with a “real job” that offers hospitalization benefits and a weekly pay check to help plain out the household farm budgeting process. Maine, wake up, start your dream.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker