Maine is a big state for soap box derby racing. In Houlton Maine, “Derby Hill” built to make the ride fast, smooth and the course easy to set up quickly.

Beside the 16th annual Maine Soap Box Derby race June 18th, spring and fall rallies with cars, drivers, families from all over the country show up to feel the “Thrill of the Hill”.

If you are a business looking for a family fun, spirited racing event to sponsor buy a kit car. Have a contest to select a boy or girl 8 to 17 to race and represent you in the derby program. The winner of the stock and super stock soap box derby race in Houlton Maine goes on to represent the state in Akron Ohio’s All American Race. The first national derby race was in 1934 in Akron Ohio.

The derby car used in the Maine race is durable. Fun for the kid to build, drive and for a helper to construct. And the car lasts for years. Gets passed along to other drivers, continues to represent your community spirit to sponsor a ride.

Personally my favorite cars are the ones where the driver knocks on lots of doors.

Spends plenty of shoe leather beating a path to several sponsors. And the graphics on the car show boatloads of support from many smaller sponsors. It translated into hard working effort on the driver’s part and big desire to really want to race. And win or lose, that driver who built the car will stick with the program. Help another driver learn the course with pointers he or she learned and passes on in racing tips. That is the spirit of soap box derby program in Maine.

The Houlton Maine race was the largest in the country five years in a row. Watch a video of a past race and visit the Northern Maine soap box derby race site for more information on how to get involved. To help a Maine kid learn how to conquer, take apart Derby Hill at Community Park in Houlton Maine June 18th. Maine, big state, communities help the local youth take part in really neat family fun programs.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker