Growing Your Own Maine Food Is Becoming Popular For Fun, Survival.
It Is No Secret Maine Farm Land Is Ideally Suited For Crops, Raising Horses, Cows, Smaller Animals.

Hay burners, large four legged critters like horses, cows dot many Maine farm fields.

But the thought of raising them when eight of out ten people live in an urban, surburban real estate market never comes to mind. Oh sure, there are some riding arenas, places to board horses outside the city where you live and work. But cows crossing the Bronx Expressway or in Central Park, around Dupont Circle and grazing around national monuments like the Liberty Bell, I don’t think so.

In Maine one acre will support three large critters, horses, cows. More small animals. Farming in Maine is not just blueberries, potatoes, dry beans and brocolli. It is dairy farming, pleasure horses, raising beef too. Out west it takes three not so fertile, so lush acres to support that one animal. That’s the difference. And no irrigation usually needed in Maine although for better control of the crop, Maine potato farmers are leaning toward the process.

I grew up on a Maine farm and am lucky enough to own that 300 acres, all those buildings now. I rent the land to an area Maine potato farmer. Use the big barns for storage of people’s RV’s, boats, antique cars to help pay the property taxes.

Some of the land in the CRP program, the conservation resource program to seed it down with conservation mix grass seed and put it in the “soil bank” for ten years.

The Maine house is rented if we find the right situation. Usually to someone related to the US Border Patrol, Customs, Immigration wave that hit Houlton Maine due to 911. And because the strenghening, tightening up our US – Canadian happened.

Maple syrup operations in Maine are underway now. And folks in the city are becoming more and more concerned about the price of food, where it comes from, what if it runs out and they have no way to feed themselves.

If you think air and water are addictive, food trumps them all because without it, the other two don’t matter one hill of beans, so to speak.

Maine farms, Maine farmers markets are catching on as a lifestyle choice for many that have not had much room around them that a large property, land can provide. Here are few Maine farm videos. Or a selection of Maine farms in all price ranges if that is you cup of tea might be worth a perusal.

The Maine Farm Bureau supports horses, farming and offers many resources. Excellent resources for horse owners, Maine horse related businesses. And rumor has it, that Maine cows are not having sex any more, don’t have to to create new beef calves and milk replacement hiefers. If you are thinking about investing in a Maine farm, buying land to create a different, healthier lifestyle than the one you lead now, I would love to talk with you. Our name like what cows do to communicate, what they are. MOO-ers. Call, email, text, send smoke signals or come visit. Maine is one place your heart and your head are in absolute agreement. You won’t need a second option, a plan “B” back up plan because Maine is always your best case scenario.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker