Maybe it was not a Maine farm.

Possibly your grandparents

Hay Is Cheap The Expression...Could Change.
Where Your Food Comes From, Space And Land To Grow It Locally Important.
owned the spread and you only came summers. But you quickly learned the farm in Maine, anywhere is not a leisurely walk in the park or easy. Work, round the clock because chores need doing. And weather has a bearing on the final outcome of a crop that you make money on or lose totally.

The years on the farms with the up and down of the markets to the south, in the cities makes even a break even year a good one.

You get to farm again and don’t spend money you don’t have.

But consider you are lucky to be warm, well fed and raise a family learning work ethic. Being a hard worker for survival is an important skill for kids to learn at an early age.

I listed a Maine farm home with big barn and it had animals in in that 50×30 post and beam structure. More pets really but the smell of hay, even horse manure outside brought back a zillion memories. Of being at my Aunt Ruth’s horse farm as a kid. And working on the potato farm in Maine my parents ran.

Country is good and no matter how crazy the news gets, you run your own independent show on a farm. Feed yourself, heat with wood from the lot out back. The same one earlier family generations went to for their wood supply too.

Do you ever worry about city groceries and what if the cupboards were bare, empty? And if you lived in the city, urban area what would you do? Plant vegetables on the terrace of your high rise? Or try to plant rows of something to eat on the roof top and hope you are not caught by the superintendent of the building? Or that others in it don’t poach and harvest your crop before you do?

If you think alcohol, drugs, gambling is addictive, I think food is right up there with air and water. You have to have it, so do your kids. Where your food comes from, not just what does it cost and will it run out should be in the back of your mind. Because few of us has ever gone to bed hungry, not knowing where your next meal is coming from.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker