When I worked at a local Maine radio station, the news we read usually was from a wire service.

FSSR In Maine Is Low, Not Common.
The Country Has Four Main State Messed Up With FSSR, ME Not One Of Them.
The Associated Press, United Press International the two chocolate and vanilla choices. Pretty much it. And the smaller the Maine radio station, the more rip and read happened.

But writers can ramble on in blogs, on the news, the extra pages in books. So taking the six line Maine news story and condensing down the wordiness, tightening it up can free up more time in the broadcast for extra news stories. Hopefully local ones. Or the rewrite of the AP and UPI wire service, especially on weekends when the quality of writing took a dive, a dip, also allowed the local addition of news possible. An extra line to tie in something happening in the the station’s broadcast area, out in the backyard.

Big national stories could have a tie in with what is happening here.

Sometimes, often the city news is not the same dynamic or application as here in rural Maine.

Or news from a larger Maine area four hours away from a small couple hundred person town is not the carbon copy, one size, fits all either. Further refining and adjustment to reflect the local zip code and appetite of the local ears listening to the broadcast taken in to consideration. To make it home grown.

That is why nothing upsets me more than hearing the news of four states with an upside down real estate market. With high levels of FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession related real estate sales). And the national media and even Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS buying in to the gloom and doom. Maine is 46th lowest in the nation for FSSR. Hello? Does not apply here.

What is happening in California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada real estate market especially is not the norm here. It does not apply to us but the media with a one size fits all approach and news desk far far from lower population Maine hammers away at the sky is falling.

Which serves to make the public scared, misinformed.

And to pull back, wait, sit, worry.

I joke to our outside of Maine real estate buyers that we take money right out of the equation. Properties are always low cost, cheap. We live like we are always ready for a recession. Careful spending, getting value before we do or we wait. So the national helter skelter red alert warnings and news coverage can further the keep your hands in your pockets. Not out where we can see them at all times.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Brokers