What Is In The Lake For Fish, How Deep Is The Waterbody?
Maine, Fish Like Deep, Clean, Cold Oxygen Rich Water.

You’re toying with buying property on a Maine lake and wonder what is in that waterbody for fish and how deep is it?

The deeper the Maine lake, the more oxygen for the fish that can not survive in a warmer, shallower water habitat. Here is a helpful link for Maine lake depths, maps. More information broken down by Maine counties on lakes, ponds for access and other waterfront information.

Maine lake survey maps and other licensing for fishing the many lakes, ponds, rivers in Vacationland are good topics to research from ME Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Maine has 2348 lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and other fishing bodies of water to choose from, enjoy, explore.

Study the Maine lake directory. And lobstering in Maine, there is a story that goes along with that. A tough old life with overhead, financial struggles. But over fishing has not happened due to conservation measures. Maine lobsters thrown back unless they pass the many test.

Put more Maine fish in your diet. For that matter make sure to have just more Maine in your day to day.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker