Maine Is Simple Outdoor Living Without Lots Of Money Spending.
Maine, Get Fed What You Need, Not Everything You Think You Want.

Not many on the green blue marble can not see the wisdom of keeping it simple, avoiding complicating life styles.

But not every place is like Maine. Careful though. When we say life is simple in Maine, it is not because the people are backward. Not see Dick, see Jane slow. It is a choice to put family, community, working hard at your vocation first. And avoiding the traps set by all the marketing rays the average guy and gal is exposed to in country.

Stand up. (Running Geiger counter up and down in body scan)

Hear that stratchy radioactive static sound?

You, I, all of us are bombarded with messages, sales pitches cleverly spun. Hidden agendas to scare you about this, but quickly offer a remedy for the condition, situation. With three easy, one not so easy payment if you order before midnight tonight. Marketing has advanced to a degree that “retail therapy” and shopping for something, anything has become the drug to temporarily knock back the addiction. And many in this country rely too heavily on others for a small fee to tell you what you need, where to get it.

Mainers don’t fall in to the trap of happiness tied to over spending. Something new, shiny, costly.

The “more it costs the happier we get” thinking is not the artifical air we breath in Maine.

The price is too high, the money we work hard for more precious than to be spent that way. We avoid debt like the plague and consider too much of it like living in poverty because it sucks the life out of you. Worry about not having enough to impress someone, to maintain a high on the hog lifestyle is not what we teach our kids. Getting value, considering if you just want it, or need it logic applied daily.

Maine is 46th lowest in the nation for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession) for a reason. Better spending impulse control. And not falling in to having every pitchman on the media telling us what we need and where to buy it right now. We have not lost the art of thinking for ourselves. Frugally stretching our every day household dollar with habits that never go out of style. Not doing one load of laundry with only Susie’s jeans in it because air raid sirens, a national emergency has been declared in the four walls called home. She hisses, reminds all within scream shot she has a dance in under two hours people.

Desperately needs that certain pair of jeans this instant. To complete the look, put icing on the mirror ball music event.

And the entire household is on red alert status until she has them. We do full Maine laundry loads Suzie. Kids plan for events, or learn from tough love because they didn’t. But only once.

Maine is blessed with four season outdoor entertainment. The kind that is a natural HBO that costs nothing if you are lucky enough to live here in Maine.

That’s why many retire, relocate, move to Maine.

Or very low cost if all you do is use a Vacation tankful of gas to get here. Pick up some grub. The food you cook, grill, steam under the sunshine cobalt blue days, star lit black velvet nights camping by a Maine lake. Listening to a loon, spending time with yourself away from the concrete jungle roamed by gangs, riddled with crime, noise, pollution. Maybe the Maine fun is amplified because the cinderblock of debt is missing in the 4th lowest crime state. Because we take the need for money to fuel our entertainment out of the equation. Wiped off the table completely.

The desire to impress others with flaunting those Benjamins, Hamiltons and Grants not needed because it doesn’t work that way in Vacationland. Who you are, what you contribute to the local Maine village is more important than the size and number of bank CD’s in Maine. I know someone that can help you with the move, relocation, retirement to Maine. To show you the low cost Maine real estate.

Maine living. Simple by choice, years of experience.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker