It’s been unseasonably warm, very rainy for a weather spell in Maine.

Now back to the

Maine Is Ice Coated, Great Sliding Weather.
Maine Had A Day Of Lots Of Rain, It Spun The Trees Like Cotton Candy Machine.
last act of a Maine winter play production. Leaving sugar glazed ice photos to capture late in the day in Sherman Maine.

The extra water with frozen ground frost, meant cellars that never get water, did. Sup pumps work better when plugged in too. And when the water level increases in a flooded cellar, then the furnace quits, heat stops. Pipes freeze in unattended Maine homes with snow birds in Florida. Talk about train wreck, domino damage. Yikes.

Or the sub pump is working. But has a long long drain line for usual spring use only. To get the water in the cellar far enough away from the foundation so it does not come right back in.

To avoid the vicious cycle.

Well, that cold water in that long hose outdoors as the temperature goes back to winter lower degrees of mercury on the themometer means it freezes. Cardiac arrests that pump like a stroke, heart attack with a plugged outdoor end.

Check your basements in those Maine homes! Unusual weather conditions in Maine these days had made many wet, threatening floods inside your home cellar you may not know about. Yet.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker