The gold medal or the world’s best snow removal by states, local municipalities and individual home owners would go to Maine if there was a national event to compete in.

Efficient dealing with the white stuff that blankets Vacationland is a given in Maine. Each winter, we all pray for snow in Maine because the snowsledding, skiing, snowshoeing, sliding would be pretty difficult without it.

And when we get a storm with a foot of new snow, life is not stopped, panic does not happen. Because we live in Maine, that is one reason we do and winter not a hibernation period spent indoors. We are ready for snow, plan for it. Get in to gear to quickly remove it from our highways, driveways, off our roof to avoid collapse. The experience, growing up with it and having the right equipment and training helps Mainers carry on in day to day during, after a storm. Work, school, living, and especially recreation after any day or night snow storm with ease is the way we roll when the white stuff happens.

Watch the lead in video footage of this past Sunday when I awoke to what was predicted to be one to three inches of snow in Aroostook County. But turned out to be more. But quickly, on the highway you see what happens in the “ants at a picnic” like snow attack, containment.

By the time I got to Presque Isle Maine, 46 miles north of Houlton where I started out with a dooryard of new snow, everything cleared out and business as usual for the IBU World Cup Biathlon event at venue seven. Fort Kent Maine the site for venue eight on the World Cup Tour if you can get up to see the fun of this really fun cross country skiing, rifle target shooting events that is huge around the planet. Don’t ever let a little snow in the Maine forecast make you hesitate or cancel a trip to Vacationland.

Overnight in my Maine home town last night, I could hear dump trucks, large snow blowers and plows tidying up with bank removal for safety and better visibility for local motorists.

Having less population, traffic to plow around helps in keeping towns running during a Maine winter. But attacking the snow with experise, the right equipment and years of training doesn’t hurt either. Snow in Maine, not a dirty word at all. Like a kid, we all get excited with a blanket of new snow arrives. To sled, ski, build tunnels, snowmen and forts to defend with well stock arsenals of backyard piles of snowballs. We are in awe being inside nice and warm looking out, watching. Or actually walking outdoors in the natural weather process of it all. While coming down during a storm and the beauty, powder sugar coating when it stops. As the sun comes out with blue blue skies and crisp clean air surrounding you. Making everything look magical, sparkling, fresh and new.