Visit Maine, Get Here Quick As You Can.
Maine Is Simpler Living, Not Simple People.

You believe if you had a break even year, that makes you a winner, happy, content.

If you are grateful you are rich. Wealth is not measured in dollars. It’s your health, your kid’s and family being in the pink, fit as a fiddle. And you are beyond just physically ship shape with all those outdoor recreation options Maine is famous for all four seasons. Mentally, spiritually you’re some kind of full of joy too. You live in Maine don’t you?

If you call up here in the right hand corner of the country home, spending gobs of money is taken right off the consideration table. Maine real estate is cheap, low cost. Get a lot for a little. And mortgages, don’t have those for long or at all. Everything you know for over head expenses, spending down country, out of state divide by three and four for costs when you land in Maine.

No one makes obscene amounts of money, but you don’t have to, want to.

No one is impressed with showy spending, material “stuff” bought like a drunken sailor with poor impulse control.

Your head is screwed on straight with the long list of what matters most way beyond the legal tender, Benjamins, Hamiltons.

In Maine, we’re not tractor beamed in to retail therapy on a day when feeling anxious, just so so. Because we get outside, fill our lungs with the clean fresh air. Look around at the four seasons unspoiled beauty. And go through the long personal list at least three times a day of what you should be and are happy about. And then at the end of the private recitation, voila, you are high, centered. Realizing loud and clear without a doubt that you, I, anyone has nothing to whine, complain about. If you live in Maine that is.

Maine, the folks work harder, are family centered and already live in a Disney land of sorts. But the natural, not man made kind. We have it made in Vacationland, 4th lowest crime state where there are no gangs. Zip for traffic. 46th lowest in the country for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession). Sample some, get a piece of your own for yourself, to pass on.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker