Vacationing Out Of Maine Makes You Realize How Young A State We Are.
History, More Of It In Europe Than Maine That Appeared In History Books Not Until 1820.

When you go through the history books Maine does not come up as anything but a Massachusetts extension until 1820, the year we became a state.

You think of the original New England states and Maine sticks out like a green thumb up here in the right hand corner.

Many parts of Maine are not Plymouth Rock old and established in the history books although Native American Indian settlers here for a long time before the English, French, Dutch, Swedes, Spanish or Portuguese hit shore, arrived.

But 11,500 years ago, the Paleo Indian tribes arrive in what is now Maine. Here long before European settlers strolled in to these parts of “Vacationland”.

The search for silver in Maine was the first mineral caused migration, later leading to Katahdin Iron Works creating pig iron for railroad car wheels, wire.

3000 B.C. is the early inhabitants of what is now called Maine estimates. And back in 1524, Giovanni da Verranzano became the first confirmed European to explore the coast of Maine.

Growing up in Maine, you get a sense of being around for a while.

Lots of local history until you take a trip to Europe and realize America as a country and Maine as a state are youngesters in comparasion. Maine, get here quick as you can, during your life time!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker