Maine Is Four Seasons And Winters Not One To Hibernate, Camp Out Inside.
Maine White Fluffy Snow Is Welcome Sight In Vacationland.

The Maine snowmobile industry, down hill and cross country ski concerns plus motel, restaurant and gas stations are excited when a new white blanket covers the local landscape.

Snow means money much in the way that sunny summer weather plants the seed that you want an ice cream from the local dairy bar.

In areas without snow in their weather pattern, images of huge mountains of snow and all the local population stocking up on water, flash light batteries and food stuffs suddenly dance in their imagination.

Hello? We live in Maine, winter is one of our favorite seasons.

We don’t park on living room couches watching reruns of Law and Order. Not shoveling in snacks with one hand, the other held high with a channel clicker killing time over the winter.

Maine winter snow that is groomed for snowsledding, skiing just completes the scenery. Making everything sugar coasted with white crystal sparkling snow. Instead of a run of the mill rainy day yesterday in Maine, we woke up to this scene.

We know how to manage snow we live in Maine remember? Plow crews have black belt experience in dealing with the stuff. Drivers prepare for it just like your ward robe changes from summer t-shirts to appropiate outdoor wear. If you are cold, you are not dressed right the common Maine sentiment. Less motorists, no traffic helps in the new Maine snow clean up too.

Just in time this snow did come says Yoda if he was here. The big World Cup Winter Biathlon Games happen this weekend in Aroostook County. First at the Presque Isle Maine venue, then Fort Kent Maine, in the St John River Valley gets a turn. Two of the eight world cup biathlon events are in Maine, Aroostook County.

The million dollars invested in the event is expected to turn around and pump back ten million to the state’s tourism industry. And 80 million folks from around the revolving planet, world will be tuning in to Northern Maine for the event. So snow, today when it is cobalt blue skies and sunshine without a cloud over head and a new blanket of white fluffing snow is a good thing. A very good thing. Maine, big state up here in the right hand corner of the world. Own some of it.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Broker