Maine Winter Snow Critical For Snowsledding, Grooming Trails For Ski Industry Too!
Maine, See It From A Snowsled Seat , On A Tube, Set Of Skis, Snow Board.

Maine is four seasons and winter one of them. But for the last couple years, less snow has meant less snow plowing.

Everyone else has been getting our snow and Mainers are out to see who is playing, monkeying with the winter weather machine.

Seriously, local Maine motels, restaurants and retail shops along with gas stations rely in the winter on critical levels of new white stuff. Hard to snowsled, cross country or down hill ski in Maine without snow. Imperative to get a blanket of new white fluffy snow. To keep our hand polished in snowplowing skill sets, to cover the country side with Maine snow to play in.

When we come up short in the Maine snow department, we have to start winter weather reruns. This video on one memorable snowstorm and you see by 10 AM the next morning, all cleaned up and business as usual. We live in Maine, it’s winter thinking.

Like the ice cream dairy bar in Maine when it rains the first two thirds of a spring and summer, that business does not suddenly all come back the last third when the sun is high over head. That business is gone. And the attraction of a twisted ice cream of vanilla and chocolate dipped in cherry sauce is not so “gotta have it urgent” among the locals if the sunshine is not on your shoulder, the temperature hovering in the 80’s or 90’s.

Maine, snow, winter recreation on ski slopes, the 3500 miles of sled trails go hand in hand.

Got a phone call from a Maine real estate seller who says two feet of the white stuff, snow predicted for Halifax Nova Scotia where he is waiting for a trailer truck load. And worrying about getting snowed in there. In Maine, we are jealous of that talk. Like snow, know how to handle it, get it plowed and organized in Maine.

Like savings, we have Maine snow. But not enough and especially want to avoid having to make more of the man make kind for the World Cup Biathlon winter competitions in Presque Isle, Fort Kent Maine this month.

Maine, four seasons and we spend as much time outdoors enjoying them all here in Vacationland as time allows.

Own some of your own Maine and get here quick as you can, any chance you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers