Like A Maine Red Deer, Folks Calling, Emailing All Ears For What Life Is Like Here.
Vacationland Information, What Living In Maine Is All About, Like.

You’ve never been to Maine but have heard good things about the state.

But you have burning questions, concerns, topics needing addressing. Ok (stepping up to the podium) I’m game. In fact, we get asked many questions in the course of our work as a Maine real estate broker every day. Heck we did a video for the Maine FAQ common ones.

But besides questions about the weather, crime, if we have any gangs (no, thank you) the inquirers are like an explorer hungry, thirsty for information.

Over and over the same why is Maine real estate priced so low, how far are you from Boston, New York, Saturn and tell me about your schools, recreation, healthcare, churches.

It runs the A to Z and we produce many other videos to handle those questions.

Talking to the person posing the Maine questions works better than just tapping out electrons to form words. Like you are grazing on right now as you pair of eyeballs do the typewriter scan like eating corn, back and forth. With Maine videos, you can hear the blogger’s voice. See his facial expressions. Have some audio visuals packaged in and to just sit there.

Scope out our Maine community videos when you have some time if you are serious about learning all I can share about life in Vacationland. Maine, one super place and the longer I listen to the questions coming from outside, the more I know life here is very special.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers