Hard Work Learned On Farms, In The Maine Woods, In Fishing Villages.
Maine, Solid Well Know Work Ethic Reputation.

It is no secret that job discrimination happens in favor of folks from Maine.

You hear stories about a parking lot full of people looking for a job after World War Two in say Hartford CT. People making aircraft parts like jet turbines, or in shipyards needing laborers that know how to work. Want to be employed and pitch in, get the chores done.

Without crying about not being paid enough or considering striking, unionizing. And the question being raised to the crowd, who is from Maine? Which became just another way of filtering out the many faces, meaning if you are from Maine you have a job. And do you have a brother or sister in the same boat that needs work? Tell them to call, stop in.


Work ethic, pride of doing a good job and being hungry, dependable, consistent and just plain needing employment.

To send part or most of the check back to parents at home or some family member depending on you. To cause you to go south looking for a job and being a hard worker from days on the farm, in the Maine woods, or along the coast fishing.

Maine, not a bad place to be from especially when you find yourself in Florida and the eyes light up when they learn where you are from when looking for a job. In Houlton Maine there is a Smith and Wesson factory for handcuffs, gun production. And I have heard that the 140 or so employees here in Aroostook County crank out over half of the production when combining a 600 person Springfield MA work force.

That work ethic reputation is the best advertising for a company wanting an employment force that produces. Day in and out. 365 days a year. Find it in Maine where pride of doing a job job, earning a hard earned day’s pay still applies. And where Maine real estate is so much cheaper, the crime non-existent in the 4th lowest state in the union for all that mischief. No gangs here either.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers