Over the holidays in Maine open horse sleigh rides, singing
Maine Christmas Holidays Brighter If You Pitch In To Help Others.
Maine Homes, Nice And Warm And Filled With Holiday Spirit, Tradition.
Christmas carols outside friends and neighbor homes and home made food deliveries happen.

Christmas is family and traditions at home, in communities, at church or school. And very hard for anyone that lost a loved one, with anyone that is missing this holiday season.

Had the neice of my secretary tell me this morning about the police department in Windham Maine. A friend of her’s that was killed in a drunk driver car wreck with two kids in the car was shocking, horrible news around the holidays a few years back. And the mother’s birthday was a week away from her death. The two kids in the car lived, are okay. Different dads and one went to live with an aunt in Portland, the other with a dad in Bangor.

And when the Windham Maine police department reported to the scene of the accident, they discovered a Christmas shopping list in the mother’s pocket book, purse. The police department divided up the list and bought all the items on it for those two kids and everyone else on that list. Making the deliveries, all without fan fare. Maine people are like that. Doing the right thing, rising to the occasion to make an awful tragedy, situation better in any small way.

Not for attention, not a publicity stunt and all done behind the scenes needing no recognition. That is Christmas to me, helping others that are hurting, needy, struggling with life’s ups and downs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From MeInMaine Blog. And please follow our sister blog posts on Active Rain.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers