Happy Wildlife In Maine, Getting Along.
Big Maine Moose, Little Domestic Kitty Cat, But Both Respect Each Other, Get Along.

The MeInMaine Blog posts try to hit on the nooks, crannies, neat people and places in the Pine Tree State, Vacationland.

Like this blog post on living off grid in Maine on a private island. Maine is a four season area with self sufficiency, free thinking and hard work the fiber of the fewer but friendlier people who live here. Much of the simpler living traces back to farm roots, working in the woods considering the state is 91% forested, dotted with trees, timber. Fishing off the coast of Maine in harsh weather, rolling seas helps define what a person who lives up here in the right hand corner of the world is made of, all about.

There are Maine blog posts on colleges, universities too. I spied a workshop on media, photography, film in Maine and thought maybe that would be fun to fit in, sit through, attend. Often the blog posts in Maine are discovered surfing myself for something on line and thinking hey, that is an event that should be broadcast, passed along. That I would enjoy.

A lot of the blog posts MeInMaine produces are seeking to find out more about a topic and what the research comes up with, provides. Like National Geographic’s feature blog post on eating well in Portland Maine. Food, local Maine food vegetables, produce home grown, raised here also featured because it is wholesome, fresh, raised by friends and neighbors. Or news about pirates in Maine, invading a place called Market Square.

Or maybe the travels, wandering give us a bus ride to a home schooling Maine blog post with some kinda of delicious looking blueberry images that got my attention. Or cross pollenation with sister Maine blogging platform on Active Rain where there are approaching 1700 posts on everything under the sun.

It is fun to blog Maine posts and see how something on the national level can have a local approach, copy with a salt and pepper simple seasoning of images.

Maine images say a thousand words. Media types are so plentiful to show and tell Maine to anyone on line holding a droid, balancing a lap top, sitting in front of a computor monitor with visual elements, not just a flow of electrons making words to follow.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers