Fresh Maine powder, newly fallen snow to ski.

Because everyone who’s been to Maine, or is from Maine knows winter is not a dirty hush hush word. Maine winter recreational is out in the open, comes up in conversations a lot. Winter, it’s one of the four seasons that means more outdoor fun. Down hill or cross country ski trips, snowsledding, ice skating or fishing, hockey. Filling your lungs with fresh Maine air. Discovering new corduroy groomed ski trails on the side of one of Vacationland’s many mountains. Maybe your need some video inspiration, to get you to put down that clicker, hop up and off that couch.

Maine, and you still need reasons to visit?

This is one of hundreds. Really. Wake up, start living your dream. Follow our other Maine blog posts. Down hill and cross country skiing in Maine is one of many outdoor recreation options you’ll discover but you gotta get here quick as you can. The way life should be. That’s what being in Maine makes you feel, realize.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers