Maine is not just lobster, lighthouses, islands, cruise ships and downeast humor.

Last time I checked, Maine is one big far north it could be in Canada. Protected from the crowds. Preserved by four season natural beauty insulated in the right hand corner of the nation.

If you have never white water rafted in Maine, you need to make plans with loved ones, friends to do so. The rush, excitement of shooting down a rock gorge, river cut out with the volume of rushing water pushing you through chutes, slides is something you will not forget. The intial water CFM volume propels, hurls and shoots you quickly down the Kennebec, Dead, Penobscot Rivers in Maine. Then, change the outdoor HBO channel to a casual, lazy glide down the same river as it tames. Makes you aware of the surroundings Maine is famous for.

Eddying out for a cooked river side meal of BBQ something, home made potato salad, Spanish rice. Water fights with multiple boating parties, with buckets before landing to dine riverside. Later, smiling. Studying your river image brought home, framed in the living room.

The one with your look of terror, on a Maine river.

Hollering, hanging on. Up front, drenched by a wave in the raft just before Widow Maker, Black Hole or whatever name they give that dip. Turned sideways, a wall of water crashing down after you disappear for moments on a Maine river. Causing one memorable, exciting spot on the river that you made it through.

Maine is 6000 lakes, thousands of islands and lots of water to enjoy. Maine rivers one more opportunity to spend the day in Vacationland far from an office setting. Away from that big desk cutting off your air. Pinning you to the wall, suffocating you in the concrete jungle you call home. Maine, try a river ride and you’ll never be the same. One more way to experience life the way it should be, in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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