Maine Blackbear, Not Half The Bear He Used To Be.
Maine Blackbear, Not Half The Bear He Used To Be.

The Maine Wardens Service Is the oldest law enforcement agency in “Vacationland” and the men, ladies in green do more than herd hunters to make sure regulations are followed.

Since 1880 making sure game is not wasted, establishing rules for the hunting, fishing in Maine, wardens have had to be ever vigilant.

Earlier blog post highlighted Maine game warden Ben Drew. Besides making sure your fish numbers are in the legal limits allowed, that you have the right permit in the right zone for a deer, moose, snowsledding, four wheeler ATV, boater safety is part of the job. So is search and rescue that is expensive in a state as big, under populated as Maine where wildlife outnumbers people 1000 to one.

Early Maine game wardens were on “commission” being paid by the violators they caught, per case basis.

Unlike Maine agencies with dedicated revenues, permits, licenses and fines fund the salaries of the men and woman in green that spend most of their time outdoors in “Vacationland”. Maine, one beautiful state to call home, to run away to when you have time off any of the four seasons.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers