Your Own Property Line In Maine May Be Not So Obvious.
Your Own Property Line In Maine May Be Not So Obvious.

You yourself not sure where the boundary line is either so what to do in Maine.

Hire surveyors the right answer, split the cost. But sometimes the outcome is not so hand stand, hand clapping exicting for one of the parties who loses land, frontage, footage, real estate.

So if it is a simple case of I think the other side of the apple tree. And that is where you thought it was, have mowed over the years.

Then tell a surveyor who shoots the Maine boundary compass bearings you both agree on this line. This one right here.

Rather than deed research, all the history of what happened over the years at thousands of dollars.

Make the line where you think. Hopefully you both don’t have Maine home mortgages as your lien holder could say hey hey hey now. Release deeds of what I own on that side of the line, you giving me anything on the other side may sound way too simple. But we do it all the time in Maine real estate sales.

It often costs more to determine the line that used to be the center of a gravel horseback, esker that is long gone. Then to shoot a line, get the angle, incorporate it in a legal description in those release deeds.

Human nature could drive you crazy wondering did I lose a foot or two. But your check book will thank you. The neighbor will still invite you to backyard bbq’s, keep you on the Christmas card list.
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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers