Maine Lake Sunset...Not Two The Same.
Maine Lake Sunset...Not Two The Same.

If you have been following the MeInMaine blog posts, the images, stories, links, video embeds may have you pushed off the property buying real estate fence.

And if you are in an area of out of state high priced land, waterfront real estate that is in the nose bleed section, your wallet will smile. It can be thinner because the number of zeros in the property price for Maine waterfront listings. You’re In Maine now, things are very very different than what you are used to where you live, call home now.

But the icing on the ME waterfront property cake is in addition to lower cost, there are way way less people around the land, camp, cottage, home you buy on that body of water in Maine. The water is cleaner, area quieter. Basically, less people because we are little further up the pike means, boils down to you shell out less for any Maine waterfront real estate.

But do’s and don’t around the Maine waterfront due to ME shoreland zoning regulations, the buffer of 250′ feet surrounding a Maine lake, pond, oceanfront, river, stream means study the regulations. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) want to protect the natural resources with rules, statutes, laws toward that goal. Giving the waterfront property in Maine you are so fortunate to own, be the steward of means responsibilities. Handing that property to the next generation in better shape than you receive it.

And remember, if a Maine lake could talk, it would ask you to please go easy on the lawns, open space. Bag the weed and feed for the golf course close manicured look.

Shift the focus to vegetative buffer plants. Putting in trees to protect the Maine lake from silt, dirt, debris that chokes fish.

And “feed” vegetation with phoshorous, other silt nutrients in the wash out, erosion and water racing to the Maine lake. Dumping everything it caries during a rain storm in to that lake. Think like a Maine fish. You are choking them if you don’t protect them.

Land for less than a thousand dollars an acre is Maine is plentiful. In fact we have parcels close to 200 acres in the $70’s if you need, want to invest in something that big. The larger the acreage of Maine real estate, the lower the cost per unit acre.

Maine land, with or without water frontage, lake views, or parked on a river, stream is cheaper property than you ever imagained here.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers