Maine, Less Of What You Don't Need, Want. Way Way More Of What You Do.
Maine, Less Of What You Don't Need, Want. Way Way More Of What You Do.

Hear the question from Maine real estate buyers… a lot when the caller, emailer, visitor to the Houlton Maine office wonder, worry about bad crime riddled areas or blighted towns like where they come from.

They explain that where they live now in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Connecticut there are some neighborhoods, towns that you avoid like the plague. Night or day.

The type of areas where you don’t stop at that next red octagon sign…rolling thru and at the same time, nervously hit the automatic door lock button manually, for the thrid time. Risky places where things happen. Bad things and you just don’t take a chance. Often these areas are a short cut to the place you are ten minutes late getting to but hung up in slower than death city, urban traffic.

So the answer to are there any bad towns Mr Maine Real Estate Broker Man, to program in to gps to steer clear of, make a wide berth around? No. Can not tell a fib and the consideration of which town to pick in Maine to retire, relocate, move to depends more on how far from Walmart, the hospital, shopping, schools do you want to be? Knowing traffic has been wiped out of the equation with 11 people per square mile in Northern Maine, Aroostook County.

If a ten mile circle with magic marker, one of the 8 primary crayons in the top real estate office desk drawer is used as the perimeter to stay within, it is for time reasons, not jitters over crime, damage to personal property or your person. The taser you use in the city, have the safety off and ready for anything as you race out the back door to hop in the car and head off to work is going to be gathering dust in Maine.

Maine is water and air. The kind that is crystal clear, clean, that you can not get enough of like a horse turned out in the spring for the first roll in the rich clover.

Pace yourself, you’ll get used to a lot of things in Maine that are so different than where you live now.

Maine, you’ll love the four season outdoor recreation options, the hard working friendly family comes first people. But the long long list of what we don’t have in Maine, in Vacationland that includes crime, traffic, crowds, noise, pollution is bound to make you smile too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers