Elbow Room, You Will Pay For It, Need It And In Maine You Can Secure It Easily For Less Money.
Elbow Room, You Will Pay For It, Need It And In Maine You Can Secure It Easily For Less Money.

In my job as a Maine real estate broker, many of our property buyers do not live local.

Some use to and moved with their parents to say Connecticut years ago to work at Pratt and Whitney, General Dynamics, Electric Boat, even Royal typewriter many moons ago. But as the new town becomes crowded, over populated, problems start.

Life can be a noisy blur with heavy traffic, pollution, and just too many people. I hear Maine real estate buyers from over populated states and even from Southern Maine that is pretty close to Boston indicate they just want space. Not to bother any one, but to be spaced out, free of neighbors right on top of them.

Lots of people mean potential for misunderstandings, hot tempers if your personal space is violated, intruded on. It’s the same with humans as with labratory rats. Too many jammed in an too tiny piece of real estate, then biting, hot tempers, over reactioning to situations, other “rats” happens.

If New Jersey has 1000 people per square mile, Alaska one person and Northern Maine 11 people, just the population of a place can be a major influence on the atmosphere, day to day there.

And if you want to be on a dead end road, on a hobby farm or to own a seasonal recreational river ME property, something on a ME lake, the elbow room has a big bearing on the experience.

The lower price tag means you can purchase more for less, to protect your seclusion, privacy, personal space.

In areas of high cost, precious down to the inch real estate due to over population, pressure of more people per mile and subsequent increase in crime, etc the luxury of owning a big chunk of real estate becomes more remote. Partly due to cost, partly do to availability.

So a common inquiry when out of town, out of state Maine real estate buyers considering purchasing property in Aroostook County is tell me about the weather, how many people per square inch, etc. I have found the frequently asked questions videos, the local community events movies help people “transition” from the hurry scurry where they live now to being a Maine country mouse.

Maine, wake up, start your dream. Get your own “corner” or dead end quiet large piece of property for little money, low priced. Maine’s lower population may be all you need to be content, happy. Not bothering any one. Just enjoying the peace and quiet, no mortgage without wall to wall neighbors on top of you. Many upset over something brand new every day that you are somehow the cause of and in the middle of.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers