We Don't Spend Much Time Inside In Maine. Golf Is One Fun Exercise Routines. So Is Kayaking, Lake Fishing, Outdoor Hiking Trails.
We Don't Spend Much Time Inside In Maine. Golf Is One Fun Exercise Routines.

Encouraged to travel, realize there is a big world outside of the state of Maine growing up.

But after college, and thinking a life in broadcasting, working my way up the ladder to larger radio markets out of state, that all changed when the kids my wife and I wanted to raise came in to the picture. I enjoyed living in Maine so much that to consider raising a family outside of Vacationland with the four season’s beauty, friendlier people, no traffic and no crime here made it an very easy decision.

Growing up in Maine developed survival skills. How to have fun, be entertained with the great outdoors and developing your own skills to fix, create things. Lots of money and impressing people with that money is not how Maine people operate. We remove money from the equation and no one is out to impress any one else. Family, being a good community member, working hard, helping others is what Maine boils down to.

Every day I hear stories from emails, phone calls, visits of people that are not happy where they live now. The crime, the pushy pace, noise, high prices of everything to make ends meet shows on their faces. Is heard in their voices as bone tired, weary folks. Wandering, looking, wishing for a better place to call home.

Maine is not flashy, pretentious, false, store bought. The large state offers outdoor recreation second to none. Hills and mountains to hike, trails to bike, atv, snowsled. Waterways to kayak, swim, fish. Quiet and plenty of scenery, ME wildlife, natural resources to help you get centered, settled down and comfortable within your own skin. Our fun, past times, recreation is home made, down to earth like the people. That’s what Maine is really all about.

Maine, is something missing in your life? You can own properties, Maine real estate out right easily. No mortgage or a very small one. Car insurance is a quarter of what they pay for vehicle coverage in say Boston MA. It’s a million little things that make Maine special that we have.

It’s another long list of what we don’t have that make the state of Maine really shine.

4th lowest crime state, no traffic, low property price tags. Friendlier but way way fewer people spread out for plenty of elbow room.

Is it like this where you live now? Maine, wake up, start your dream. Consider moving, relocating, retiring, investing to Maine. “Vacationland” means sneak away to Maine as much as you can. Get here as quickly as you are able and grab your coat. Tell your friends you are heading to Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers