Funny Ways to Say The Same Thing.
Funny Ways to Say The Same Thing.

No wonder there is misunderstanding, miscommunication, mixed signals when you consider the expressions used in day to day language in Maine, just across the border in to Canada.

This blog post explains what we mean.

Do you call a Coke or Pesi or Mountain Dew drink a soda, a pop, and the container it is in…is that part of the request? “I would like a tin of pop”. When you think Maine, the downeast expressions of “wanna ‘nother LOB-stahhhhh” or “slab of blueberry pie chummy” come to mind. But no wonder there is miscommunication based on not hearing what was said, understanding the local lingo causing confusion.

Add in your own experiences with what was actually said but what you thought was communicated and it is no wonder mixed messages, signals happen. Tim Sample, Marshall Dodge, Bob Marley and others have made a good living exploiting the Maine way of saying things.

Maine, some things are simpler, other areas described in colorful ways.

Like the expression of an old codger who when asked for directions to a Maine place tells you after a long pause for effect, “You can’t get there from here” kind of logic.

Maine, come sample the flavor, meet the people, see the sights in this state so far north we are practically in Canada.

pucker-brush \’puhk-er-‘bruhsh\ n – Also: pecker-brush; 1. Generic compound word denoting indigenous scrub-brush or other non-landscaped foliage; “That dog’s treed a porcupine over there in the pucker-brush.” 2. Word used to describe anywhere you didn’t originally intend to be, usu. a roadside ditch or somewhere off of a sled or wheeler trail; “Buddy got rightoutaver and put his truck in the pucker-brush.” The term is likely derived from the common physiological reaction to finding oneself in the pucker-brush. See also: rhubarb. NEXT»

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