Remove What Robs Your Happiness, Consider A Move, Relocation To Maine.
Remove What Robs Your Happiness, Consider A Move, Relocation To Maine.

When you climb Mt Katahdin with your family, looking out from the summit in all four directions around Baxter State Park and from Maine’s highest mountain, all in the party go speechless.

Something clicks, hits deeply and you suddenly start to figure out what is important. Where you need to be. It’s easier to be happy here in Maine just with the four season surroundings as a back drop to all you do here. Minus all the problems that come with too many people is one big postive check mark or reason to circle in red the word, place called Maine.

Being lake side with your family, a sun setting after a good meal, laughter, conversation in Maine is healthy, the way life was meant to be. Add in other positives to just further enhance the experience of living in Maine which include low low, yes cheaply priced real estate so you get way way more for less. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. Toss situations, stressors like wall to wall traffic, pollution too in Maine. And the best thing about Maine besides the wildlife, scenery, low population? The people we do have are family oriented, hard working, home town proud of their area of “Vacationland”.

So if you find an anxious feeling, jittery and wondering is this living in fear due to crime, over population, or just you…maybe Maine is all you are lacking. Happy is a choice, an attitude of counting your blessings, being grateful for all you do have. But if your surroundings on the outside in Maine help the inside work you do to be content, at peace and centered, maybe you should check this right hand corner state out first hand.

Maine, you’re not you when you’re not here.

Ever thought about moving here, a relocation to Maine? Or to own a piece of Maine for seasonal use, recreational purposes to give you something to look forward to?A place to run away on those vacations, three day weekends? That’s my day job…and I start by listening to your Maine real estate requirements, your budget, about that burning desire. Scope out some videos on Maine living, the low cost ME property options here. Maine, it’s always your best case scenario.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers