MeInMaine blogger Andrew Mooers is a ME real estate broker, a dad of four children, a resident of Houlton Maine, Aroostook County.

Here is his Maine video story on how where he started, how he got to the here and now today.

Why any of us live where we chose and who the person is behind a blog, goods, service and anything we run in to on line. Sometimes it starts to hear a quick video story, see who the person is to connect, relate with the person on the other end of the wire, wireless signal.

In an impersonal, 200 mile an hour pace many American lead that robs life and removes the person from the process, starting with on line videos, blog posts help define the blogger. Make the person more transparent and to step in front of the camera, come to the forefront of this Maine living blog, MeInMaine. I appreciate your following the posts, welcome your comments. Maine, always, always your best case scenario. This is how I knew I was cut out to list, market, real estate in Maine, on another Active Rain blog I feed, post on.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers