The Outdoor Entertainment Of Being On A Maine Lake, The Ocean, Something Connected To Waterfront.
The Outdoor Entertainment Of Being On A Maine Lake, The Ocean, Something Connected To Waterfront.

If you owned a Maine waterfront property, wouldn’t getting excited about the next three day weekend stretched in to four days to be on an open deck over looking a lake be therapeutic, healthy?

To change up the scenery where you live now? Not to mention the advantages to owning a second home, a vacation place in Maine you could rent out carefully. Maybe you have been renting for the last few years. Think of the money someone has benefited from in your stay and you did not trash the place, make it look like a Stephen King movie was staged there.

Maine waterfront can mean property on the ocean, a lake, river, stream or pond. There is something about water like an open fire that attracts. Maybe it gives off positive ions like the blaze in the fireplace or outdoor pit you gaze in to. Detaching and catching up with yourself in your busy life.

Your kids splashing, fishing, learning to swim, sail and the nightly summer talks on the deck, grilled feasts are another reason. Maine waterfront is the best investment, the one you will have the most fun with. And appreciation?

Well, more than one person has smiled and uttered the observation that “they are not making any more Maine waterfront real estate.”

Your only homework is to figure out the monthly budget and to factor in if you owned a Maine waterfront property in this, this or this price range. You can do it and know years down the road will look back and kick yourself if you don’t. The time is right, here is an A-Z of properties in Maine, waterfront real estate from A-Z. And if this list does not quite do it, let us know your requirements, price range and I’ll tap in to our Maine MLS cookie car of ME waterfront real estate to help in the search. Here is an example of a place on 120 Butterfield Landing in Weston Maine for $159,900 with 110′ frontage on Grand Lake.

Or another spot, a video to watch on the Maine waterfront, 26 Sandy Beach Road, Danforth Maine. Or a Linneus Maine log lake home video.

Waterfront in Maine, lakeshore properties, you know it’s what the doctor ordered. To show down, smell the flowers, catch some fish, get new scenery and shake up your day to day routine. While you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers