Bail Of Where You Live Now, Relocate To Northern Maine, And Watch Your Health, Attitude Improve.
Bail Of Where You Live Now, Relocate To Northern Maine, And Watch Your Health, Attitude Improve.

Time to move from where you live now to Maine.

If you have a ringing in your head that is not going away, and is getting louder, maybe if you listen closely you hear the distinct word “Maine”. If you can not sleep and the high pitch humming, ringing, buzzing, headaches and depression, mood swings, testiness, increasing state of anxiety is beyond a concern, maybe where you live is the reason for it all.

Maybe nothing medically is wrong, but geographical you are experiencing urban sprawl, over development. Or just live in fear of gangs, numbed by the news of non stop stories each night about kidnapping, drive by shootings, crime on the upswing.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime state. Aroostook County where I live is half of that pretty stellar crime statistic again.

Why? Simple. Way way less people, more open space and all around elbow room. You jam rats in a small area and step back, watch how they behave. Same dynamic. Or it’s like you become a bear living with one, or two many in tight quarters. Man, the machine was not designed for cities, tight spaces, a corosive or hostile environment.

Second reason for low crime, keys left in the vehicles parked in the yards is local Mainers work hard for all they have. They are proud of, brought up to respect the value of that hard work. The items you, anyone buy with that hard earned money and sacrifice. Don’t waste resources..yours, mine, anyone’s. Period. Basic, black and white pride of ownership, the way we roll. And not wanting to have someone trash your personal property and returning the same favor of leaving something not yours alone. Or even protecting it and getting involved if something does not look quite right at your neighbor’s down the road. Get a plate number, make a call. Even go up to the property, confronting the out of state vehicle at Mr Jone’s hunting camp with 100 acres to the south of you. We ask the guy what’s up, are you a friend of Mr Jone’s and hear the story, the yarn spun. See if his breathing increases, his eyes avoid contact with our own. Decide whether a call to the Maine state police or local sheriff, police department is in order. We have the neighbor out of state on cellular speed dial and the property owner appreciates the keeping a look out for something strange, out of place at their property.

Pretty hard to beat the natural four season beauty of Maine, the sense of personal safety and that your property won’t get tampered with, anything stolen after a break in.

So back to the ringing, the just not feeling your self these days. Get pure, real relief in Maine. Less noise of traffic, industry, more sounds of nature. Wind in the pines. Birds chirping happily on a sunshine rich day. Loons singing or crying depending on your perspective or their mood at the time on a Maine lake under a brilliant, intensed dotted black velvet fabric with more stars than you ever knew were overhead. What you have been missing due to all that light and air pollution where you call home now. The place that no longer is the neat little burg you moved to twenty years or more ago. Time to move, relocate.

Maine, that’s the voice in your head, the sound being made inside. The volume increasing between your ears because you body is unhappy you are just not taking the cue to vamoos.

Ask me about low cost Maine real estate on a lake, river for full or part time recreational use. Get healthy, get to Maine, the way life should be. Watch the Maine videos of local events and see what you are missing out on in so many ways, so many levels of your life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers