The Boy With The Leaking Boot, Proud Ambassador To Friendly Houlton Maine
The Boy With The Leaking Boot, Proud Ambassador To Friendly Houlton Maine

The Houlton Maine Rotary Club is 90 years old.

And like most Maine towns or cities lucky enough to have a hard working local civic minded Rotary Club, if suddenly there was not a wheel spoke of gold and blue spinning, the absence, loss would be felt in a major way. The Houlton Maine club is part of Rotary District 7810, which is unique. It’s a blend of both sides of the border. The US and Canadian clubs working together to do more as a strong unified group, rather than individuals struggling with duplication of efforts and no cohesive collective horse power to get projects completed to help the local areas they serve.

Rotary means local business people, professionals that are busy but workers and the top of their job classifications. If you want something done, in my hometown of Houlton Maine, you need to just get Rotary behind it. Efforts to help youth are a particular fancy of the Rotary emphasis with use of funds and time, energies often directed to our greatest resource, the future generation. Here’s a list of just a few of the contributions made by the Houlton Maine Rotary Club.

1921 Purchased Houlton Maine town band uniforms
1922 Set up Junior Baseball League/Boys Work Committee (Ice Rink Care)
1925 Funding started for education student scholarships
1930 First Christmas auction for help local charitable causes
1935 College education scholarship funds for Houlton High School
1950 Raised funds for Ricker College, air shows, club jamborees
1956 First Rotary Radio Auction, raised $8000 for Ricker College
1970 Hospitals Madigan and Aroostook receive over $100,000
1971 Restoration of the Houlton Maine Ambassador, Boy & The Boot
1975 $40,000 Pool Fund started, used to build John Millar Ice Arena
1976 First “Paul Harris Fellow” presented to Harold “Baldie” Inman
(40 Paul Harris Fellows awarded in recognition of club members efforts)
1977 Restore town clock bell system, take over local Ricker canoe races.
1978 Get behind downtown Houlton Maine revitalization project
1980 Raise, award more development funds for Houlton Regional Hospital
1982 Wrap up three year capital fund raiser, needed hospital equipment
1983 Houlton Maine tourist information display cabinet donated
1985 375 SOLD $1000 pewter Boy & The Boot statues campaign starts
1988 New welcome signs, downtown Houlton Maine beautification funding
1989 Millar Ice Arena / multi purpose building improvements funded
1991 Cary Library original building restoration, establish childrens library
1992 Houlton Maine high school sound system funds raised, donated
1993 Fund Southside School Reference Library
1996 Houlton Amphitheater project, $55,000 raised for summer concerts
1997/8 Complete HA project, memorial, yearly ceremonies, tributes here
1999 Donate raised funds to Derby Hill, Soap Box Derby, USA largest race
2000 Houlton Maine animal shelter construction funds raised, donated
2001 Money raised for new high school curtains, gym floor, history video
2002/4 Raised funds and construct Houlton outdoor skate park
2005/6 Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum auction sponsorship
2007 Fund from auction for Houlton Community Arts Center
2008 Fund new Houlton elementary school and park playgrounds
2009 Fund Houlton Maine area little league, community arts center
2010 Help fund new addition little league fields, minor hockey association
Continue to raise funds from pewter $1000 Boy & The Boot sales, now raising money for new seating in the Community Arts Center and much more.

The Houlton Maine Rotary Club meets Mondays at noon to enjoy always, always a delicious, hearty meal put on by the men and women of the Church of the Good Sheperd. The fellowship, a song, blessing on the meal served in Watson Hall of the Episcopal church on Main Street. We enjoy weekly speakers on a variety of subjects, fund youth group foreign exchange programs, and are working hard to like other Rotarians wipe the disease polio off the face of the earth. As a Rotarian where you live to take you to a weekly meeting.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers