Maine white water rafting, canoeing, don’t have to be a black belt racer to enjoy getting on the water.. a Maine lake, river, stream.

Spring time means lots of races to signal high water and end of winter’s snow, the thaw creating lively waterways. The Kenduskeag Canoe Stream Bangor Maine Race is well know and televised on local news source. It’s Saturday, April 17th, 2010.

Here’s the Meduxnekeag River Canoe Race 2009 Video. Small friendly and home grown canoe / kayak racing. Started back in the early 1970’s by Ricker College in Houlton Maine students. Carrying on the tradition were the members of the Houlton Maine Rotary club when Ricker closed its college doors after the Vietnam war end. This time of year you see more than one waterway on the to do list of avid outdoor paddlers too.

Living in Maine means lots of recreation opportunities abound right in our backyard..literally. The only cost is sometimes a small entry fee to cover the cost of tshirts, trophies and to put on a feed for the in this case paddlers of kayaks, canoes that come together to celebrate spring coming to Maine. Maine, the way life should be. Wide open, unspoiled, fewer but way way friendlier people live here. Especially the further north you go in Maine.

Leave you taser and hyper stressed life style behind in the urban concrete jungle where you keep your head down to avoid drive by shootings. Not like that in Maine.

Where you are now you are tied, no actually chained to a desk for your 9-5 torture, I mean work day. It’s not like that in Maine. Get here for a part time or full time dose of Maine. You’re heart is already here. Help the rest of your major body parts get to “Vacationland”.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers