MeInMaine Blog Author REALTOR Andrew Mooers
MeInMaine Blog Author REALTOR Andrew Mooers

You have heard good things about the state of Maine.

You know presidents have vacationed here, have homes here, that Maine lobster, blueberries, potatoes are pretty tasty. It’s obvious Maine is a big state, so far north up here in the right hand corner of the USA that it’s nearly in Canada with New Brunswick and Quebec to the east and west. But what about the nitty gritty, the details, the facts? Tell someone tell you more about the inner workings of this great state of Maine? Love to.

Welcome to Maine 101, and over the next few blog posts on MeInMaine, you will become a Jedi on Maine knowledge, or at least a brown belt.  They say air and water are pretty important to life so what is the air like for starters? Bluer skies and brighter stars than you are used to in Maine. No pollution/ Fewer people, fewer yard lights, less light or air pollution. The Maine climate is divided into three regions. Coastal, southern interior, northern interior. I live in Aroostook County, as north as you can get of the sixteen Maine counties. Start by a visit to our other blog’s 1200 entries, to our video collection of local community events and not just Maine real estate. And sometimes just Maine pictures, images can say a lot without anyone’s lips moving, or sound coming out.

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