Watch The Video On This Maine Land/Getaway Near Many Lakes.
Watch The Video On This Maine Land/Getaway Near Many Lakes.
You like your job where you live now. But there are too many people, too much traffic. And crime. Geesh. So on those long weekends you want to run away from your home because Maine is no place like your home. It’s better, bluer skies, brighter stars, friendlier people that are spread out, spaced far apart. Wildlife, four season recreation and low cost real estate the ice cream on the warmed up home made apple pie. Maine is the 4th lowest crime state too so relax, you’re safe here in “Vacationland”.

I hear it every day. Remarks like “My dad died young and did not get to enjoy his retirement so I want a place in Maine for those 3 day vacations.” And on those long weekends with Monday holidays, add the Friday preceding to the mini vacation. And that is just enough to get the rest and relaxation the doctor ordered. Here is one property like that. 67 acres, off road a half mile but has a road in you can drive a car 4 seasons. The cathedral cottage is finished in knotty pine. Watch the video. $54,900.

Invest in Maine real estate, something you can enjoy in your life time. Expose those kids to four wheelers, snowsleds and Grand Lake just down the road. Grand Lake is in the top three in size in Maine.
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