The talk of government spending escalating to fix this, fund that, provide this and this with the number a trillion dollars batted around makes you wonder.

How much is a trillion..just a tad over a million, or a billion? We instead of dollars..think of the comparision using seconds to put it all in to perspective.

A million seconds is 12 days.
A billion seconds is 31 years.
A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

New terms are needed to be able to cover the amount of money being spent, the debt mounting up and exponentially creating more and more like an “agressive, likes to move around a lot” cancer. Check this simple link to see the comparison.

Do you think about over spending in your own household? Does it concern you what the government is doing to try to “fix things” ? Deficit spending..did you grow up with a household that practiced it? Does it affect how you sleep nights? Maine..we live way way simpler. The best things here don’t cost money. A paid for pickup looks just as special as a showroom Porsche or Ferrari. The people are down to earth, know what is valuable and lasting. They avoid going in to debt and have good impulse control. Spending money and loading up on material things is not done to impress or for any other reason. The size of our Christmas spending is not the barometer of how good the holiday was. We use benchmarks..different ones like not buying unless we have the money saved to purchase. Novel huh?

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers