It is good when a Maine real estate saleman is on the other end of the process.

Normally when a buyer for Maine property calls, I like to ask a few questions to get a handle on what the real estate need is. The buyer’s email address, phone number and address are important details to collect. In emails, we usually have all that data supplied and a list of property the buyer wants more details, to see the movie on, etc. But in the case of an office walk in, a caller, being able to at least get the email address is critical. To be able to follow up with the caller’s questions, property request is the whole reason I am here in Houlton Maine. New property that comes up is something this Maine real estate buyer is going to want a head’s up about. It’s called service. I am lucky to be a small real estate office so everything is live, local and not automation or with a call center out sourced halfway around the world.

I ordered a computer from Dell, a lap top and found trying to get customer follow up was hard. Very hard. It had had a 15% discount which prompted the purchase but the price reduction offered was not applied. To get the discount promised meant returning the lap top, ordering another just like it and then hoping the second time around the discount incentive sticks. Crazy way to do business? Sometimes bigger is not better and something gets lot in translation. Or one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. Nor do they care. Cookie cutter peddling of widgets. When you are a small David, you can run circles around Goliath. Not in every instance, but in many that count so that quickly situations are assessed, steps taken to implement the most efficient solution. Being small means flexibility is easy. Thinking on your feet and being able to talk to the person that knows what is going on, and can fix the problems is pretty refreshing.

Automation, waiting for a real live person, telling the story, getting transfered, waiting longer. To get the lowest price available means wading thru cyberspace up to your knees. Sometimes over your head. I am glad I work at a small, “you are talking to the boss”, the owner Maine real estate operation. When a Maine real estate buyer calls and ask do you know anything about this or this code number property. I smile and say yes. I took those pictures, that is me on that video taking you thru and around the real estate. The frustration when the buyer is talking to someone that has never seen the place, did not take the images. There is no video and very skimpy information for the caller. That is frustrating or a pleasant surprise when you are talking to the property who listed, marketed and will sell the Maine real estate listing.

If you are looking for a retirement Maine home to buy, or recreational land, a small mom & pop business, I can help you out. Northern Maine real estate is so much lower priced. The selection so much healthier so you get a good real estate fit. I have sold Maine real estate for thirty years this April. And instead of thinking real estate salesmanship, I have always thought just being a real estate locator is a better way to go.

If you start by listening to what the real estate buyer is looking for. What they have for needs and wants /don’t wants then you know their special unique situation. I suggest real estate listings that could meet that laundry list of desires and what to avoid within their real estate budget. The property sells itself. It is the puzzle piece that fits, is missing, is wanted or looked for. Maine real estate sellers also have special needs, desires and want a one on one communication with the real estate broker. No automation, quick access to the person that is going to list, market and sell the most important investment, the largest purchase the seller has ever made. The caller does not want to wait for a part time real estate agent. The buyer or seller of real estate’s time is just as important as yours and mine. Watch our Maine real estate and local community videos.
Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers