Where’s a fellow or a gal to find a good blog post? One that does not waste time, has some beef in it? Technorati’s job has not changed, but the way they do it has.

The Technorati website redesign promises new features, some of the familiar and more of the familiar being added back in.

Why the Technorati changes? The company says “We decided to talk less and put our noses to the grindstone. We tried to boil the ocean, and burned ourselves in the process.”

The changes were predicted, bloggers given a heads up about. Wow, Technorati 5th largest social media property.

When our first Maine real estate website went up back in the 1990’s, I always thought you stock the shelves about property, weave in the flavor of the area with images. But it was still static, like a portrait you stepped back from to see it in a snapshot state. Or sure new properties were added, others sold and prices on them modified to make them sell. Those little changes happened and tie in with the season opening copy to make it appear fresh, up to date. But with blogging, vidcasting, podcasting, you can add more instant, right now happenings for today. Not just reflect the season or approaching holidays and some sprinkling of your brand.

Today, I can blog about Maine green real estate and if it is market rewarded in Northern Maine. Or point out we already have been building along those lines for decades due to the back to the farm / woodlot training. Or on another sister blog with links back to the primary mother real estate site, post with images, video, web links helpful information about what you need to know today about Maine’s waterfront market and shoreland zoning’s latest regulations. Hot off the press from the state legislature and fine tuned, dialed in to today. Not three months ago. Fresh, no preservatives, information without a mothball smell, formaldehyde protection added.

Think the social media explosion is happening too fast, making your head swim? Hang on, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Instead of the days when the media told us what we needed to buy, for services, what to drive, drink, and which brand to eat or smoke, we are no longer cattle being herded. Cattle that did what it was told, did not know what it needed until the tube, the newspaper, the billboard hammered it in to our wallets and the hand that controled them.

Now you, I and little Jimmy, all of us are holding a mouse, doing the research, homework. Comparing notes from blogs, social media sites and sharing what works, what is a waste of money, time and not a good experience. The 60’s song warned “there’s something going on around here..and what it is ain’t exactly clear.” No, but the fuzzy is taking shape, formulating and you and I are way way more aware, of everything.

It’s our life, we are going to live it, take it back and head out on to the open highway making our own decisions. What’s fun and worthwhile done by poll, counting hands and voices raised by the masses. Doesn’t that reflect the market..the folks that drive it, buy from it and shape it? These friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube have sampled this and that and can tell you what to try, what is awesome, sweet, happening. Feel it? Can you say affirmative. Sure you can. I knew you could.
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