You can hear anything, find a myriad of blah blah blah on this and that.

But Maine Moose Are Just Part Of What Living Here Is All About.when it comes to Maine, where does the myth and fact seperate? FAQ about of the high points is a weather that is unfounded by fear of the unknown. Watch the Maine FAQ information video. Maine..get the real deal on this state so far north in the right hand corner of the world that we are nearly in Canada. Less people, but friendlier help you out kind of people. That’s Maine plus outdoor recreational beauty that is unspoiled, waiting for you to sample.  Low cost real estate, no crime, space to breath, live, enjoy life. Ready to make the shift in the way you are living now? (Rolling up sleeves) Let’s get start. Maine..get here just as quick as you can.

Maine Realtor Andrew Mooers