Root cellars to store winter vegetables, summer kitchens to can and preserve food stuffs in, woodsheds to heat the home and discipline the kids, open front porches for summer evening talks and iced tea.    Older homes, especially farmsteads also had large primary kitchens off the pantries to handle the ten children plus families that had to eat quickly to get back to their chores. Where they were on the family farm varied. Maybe they found themselves planted in the back  forty, or the apple orchard, orthe woodlot or in the barn throwing down hay, watering and graining the livestock.

     Could you trade in your urban lifestyle for country living in Maine? Would you had over the keys to the Volvo, Lexus, Land Rover for ones to fire up the John Deere or Farmall?  Start

Cultivate Crops, Raising Critters On A Maine Farm
Cultivate Crops, Raising Critters On A Maine Farm

by recalling summer visits to your grandparents who lived on a farm, considering it is not all glamous and outdoor living on a sunny day. You are self employed and production is the key without a guaranteed hourly wage or salary. Cutting your ties to corporate America. Sign up for Mother Earth News, and other publications to help you consider a hobby farm full or part time and make sure your mate is on the same page.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers – Maine Farms And Land Equal A Self Sufficient, Simpler  Lifestyle

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