After school I would come home on the bus to our farm a mile and a half from town.

      Have a little snack and in the fall, before harvest it would be a trip to the field to pick corn, cucumbers, squash, peas and then sell them to folks coming round the clock before supper time. Summers spent cultivating and hoeing and also havesting strawberries to the same crowd. 

     One lesson that did not make sense was the lady in the Cadillac who wanted the best 13 ears that we gave for corn

Farm I Grew Up On In Houlton Maine
Farm I Grew Up On In Houlton Maine

and would proceed to rip back and inspect lots of corn. With a baker’s dozen, the extra ear and fact our corn did not have worms and was fresh should have made her happy. She was often not much fun, complained about the cost and was always in a major hurry. On the other side of the coin, you have a lady with the rusted Rambler who was pleasant, tipped me a dollar, told me any 13 ears of corn or other vegetables were fine. She needed the dollar tip herself and the lady in the Cadillac that had the money, worried about letting go of any.  One of many early lessons on the farm growing up in Aroostook County.

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