Ever thought of being a Maine farmer or growing more and more of your own food?

Naming chickens that lay eggs for your breakfast with two large orange yolks  when you crack them open on the frying band on your old wood cook stove. One reminds you of a high school friend, another of your sister Martha? Farming is not all glamorous but it is honest work and you eat healthy, get physically fit. 

John Cougar Mellencamp, Dave Mathews, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, The Pretenders, Steve Earle and

Growing Your Own Crops, Raising Your Own Meat, Heating With Wood.
Growing Your Own Crops, Raising Your Own Meat, Heating With Wood.

more  all have the farmer’s back. Farm Aid concerts raise money, awareness of the decline, the evaporation of the family farm across this nation.

Can you see yourself on a tractor plowing the back field, helping get the hay in before the black rain clouds open up and make the whole haying exercise worthless for quality hay for this winter?  Cheap food has always been a policy of the US government.

But in this day and age of faster pace, unhealthy drive thru meals of junk on a hit and miss schedule of the helter skelter American with the truck tire around their waist..it is all screaming for a change of diet.

Back to the farm. The family farm where kids learned work ethic, helping other farmers when they needed it most. Check out the farm aid website and catch a concern on the Direct TV 101. Working the land, working around the unpredictable markets for food and meat, wrestling a losing battle with weather.Farming is not all glamor, all sunsets with productive days. It’s hard work, long hours, no guarantees to keep making your living with your sweat, with the land. Watch a local Northern Maine potato picking operation video for all ages to pitch in and help the local farmer get the crop in.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers