Maine small town pride, every local is an ambassador.

Nothing is stronger than the heart of a community volunteer. The spark that ignites is everyone in the village feels they have a part. Because they do. Only so many people and lots of parts to

small maine town pride
Lucky To Live In Small Town Maine!

perform in creating the community flavor.

The kids in a small Maine town create the catalyst for the home town pride.

Rallying around the school sport teams, supporting anything kid related is something all small Maine town people do.

Regardless if the teams win or lose, the support from the locals is huge in the small Maine town.

Besides the cheering section sitting up the rows of the uncomfortable

bleaches. other locals are in the snack shack. Serving up local split open steaming baked Maine potatoes, with all the ways to dress them up available. Or pizza from the local small Maine town store donating them. Or at least offering a discount got the fresh out of the oven pizza pie.

Someone helped raise money for the new warm up uniforms and added the small Maine town player’s family name across the back.

There is a raffle coming through the door. A 50-50 split for some local worthwhile cause in the small Maine town. Maine has way over 400 small community towns, villages and even unorganized settlements of sorts. Only a handful of population clusters that are big enough to earn city status.

Here’s senior night at a small Maine town, Danforth in the tip top of Washington County.

And check out a Maine Soap Box Derby video on a specially engineered hill built in one Aroostook County community.

Every community video, you see, feel, hear, sense that these small Maine towns love their children.

Check out a small Maine town parade, and sense the swell of pride.

That all the community members join together to create the event.
Not buy a ticket to attend and then head home.

Working behind the scenes for months year after year to put it on one of many small town community events.

Farmers markets in small Maine towns are a big deal too.

So are small Maine town 4th of July parades.

Even the kids do to earn money and learn work ethic.

Some small Maine communities celebrate the change of each season with special events.

Like a winter is over and look at the water run off she created to provide the fun, fast, Maine spring canoe race.

No matter what the season in Maine, small towns rally around them and celebrate collectively.

Dressing differently and learning to layer the clothing.
But pretty much being outside everyday and filling the lungs with clean, fresh air and not wall to wall people.
Come, we’re going skiing on a small Maine town winter mountain slope.

Heck, a snow storm in Maine does not stop the show must go on.

We don’t hibernate, not going to stay parked on a couch and veg out watching television.
Everything is outdoors, prepared for what ever the Maine weather forecast contains for the day.
Parked on a gym bleacher seat and hollering, chanting, hooping it up to support the old team.

At home games or following the Maine small town sports team on the road.

Sometimes the local event is something from the World stage held locally.

And the small Maine communities band together to provide the open house welcome to the area.
Every community member is a small town local ambassador.

Or taking months to create a small Maine town play production.

With not much of a budget but the whole community helping in so many ways to pull it off without a hitch.

Maine small town pride.

It’s oozes, amplifies, is obvious in every single small Maine town community event. Where so many locals are involved year after year in the planning, implementation and creativity. Is it like that where you live, work and play now? Hope your like the heavy on video, show and tell them what it is liking living in Maine. No one enjoys a wall of words with scarce number of images salt and peppering it right?

Maine, the way life should be. Maine small town pride, every local is an ambassador.

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